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The Greatest Love

 guess I’m the greatest love I ever had

Gone through thorny pricks and simple paths 
Guys with no motive and no class
I’m a girl with a soft heart 
I throw all my love at you like a bunch of darts you can’t handle it don’t take it
Don’t wanna be bothered then please don’t break 
I dnt think I’m invisible just partly high maintenance 
My pride is so high my standards elevated 
I don’t try to be mean just most aren’t in my playing field 
To busy playing the field 
I don’t have time to waste with men that think im their field day so caught up the games you cant tell when your dealing with reality someone with personality 
A being that would give their soul just to be by the side of you 
Rather chase them loose and then run up in them loose turn around and tell her deuce 
 Dont attempt with a girl like me …please I know the truth 
The game never changed the generation did 


Chocolate mahogany skin the heart of yours 
is who im trying to win
fairytales never seemed so real 
because you keep me dreaming
lost in a lustful world of sin
kisses so refreshing
body so tempting
touch everlasting 
love outstanding
im falling
deeply in love into this web
instead of running away i dnt want it to end
frustrated when its gone for too long im longing for you
all of you
even when your distant i feel you near 
and even when you piss me off i want you here 
these feelings seems to be so rare 
and then i have to cope with departure and its so unfair
but no one can replace the rush you instill in me 
it seems so crazy but i think ive finally found something for foreva 
and who better to share it with than with than someone 
who can make me smile through whateva


Through the stormy & bad weather 

i knew i had you to make it better.

The unlawful acts of love & the driven motive to care 

is what kept us together.

But the gossip & deception is what tore us apart.

Even though things were rough you never broke our bond

gave me the strength to carry on

the smile to brighten the day 

& the energy to believe that things one day will be okay

theres not enough thank you’s to show you the appreciation 

& theres not enough I love you’s to show you the dept of my love

but showing has always been better than speaking simple words.

We’ve gone through being strangers, to lovers, to strangers all over again.

In this battle to keep an us I feel like there is no win to this end.

Though im speaking figuritvely can’t you feel the words coming to life.

The thought of someone else kissing you feels like ive just been struck by a knife 

but i guess when one moves on there’s nothing else you can do to make it right.

Forever there will be a place in my heart

not like all the other places cause in this place it seems kind of dark 

ive always wanted to tell you how much i loved you but i guess its over before it starts

the journey no longer a path and the clouds have started to clear

im no longer hurting, the pain has turned into fear

i just wanted to let you know…

im forever thinking of you

my first love, my dear.


So, theres been a lot of recent events in my life that has finally made me feel the need to put my tumblr account to use. NOT only will there be some modifications but i am finally letting the world into my poetic world. I sure hope that what you read from this point going forward is enjoyed as much as i enjoy putting the pieces together. 

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